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Barry Devlin (9Sight Consulting) has written a business whitepaper about data warehouse automation called "Data Warehouse...Done"
This paper describes three principles and practices by which business can support data warehouse automation projects.

Our own whitepaper describing some background information on QUIPU data warehouse generation software is also available! Read more

What is Quipu software?

Quipu data warehouse management software simplifies and accelerates the development of highly flexible and auditable data warehouses. Its model-driven approach combined with template-based code generation make Quipu a reliable addition to virtually every customer data warehouse stack.

A free trial of Quipu is available for download.
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Accelerate design and development

Building a data warehouse is never a goal in itself for an organisation: it is merely a means to an end. Designing, building and maintaining the data warehouse can be time and resource consuming. Automating large parts using Quipu software helps to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the data warehouse.
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Automated model generation and population

Quipu is highly specialised software aimed at accelerating data warehouse creation and the maintenance process. Quipu generates staging, the Data Vault modelled data warehouse itself and view layers, as well as the code to load the source data into these layers.
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All models and generated code are stored in a repository. The code generation itself is template-based with the template results stored in the repository as well. Through this mechanism, optimisations of the generated code can be quickly implemented without changes to the Quipu application.
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Business model or source model

Quipu uses a highly data/metadata-driven approach to data warehouse design and implementation: source systems can be reverse engineered to quickly build a source data warehouse layer. In a similar way, Quipu can transform a 3NF logical design of the business layer in the data warehouse into a full-blown Data Vault implementation design.
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In control

Advanced generation options are available in Quipu that influence the generated models. This will ensure you have full control of the model generation process to ensure the outcome meets your requirements.

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What's new?

In Quipu 3.4 is now available for download. Check out the release notes. Release notes